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Large remodels are by far the most difficult aspect of construction. You never know what you are going to find when you open up a wall or start tearing into a new project.  We specialize in custom home creations, project details, clear communication, and happy customers. Most of our work is in residential new home construction, remodels, and additions.  Everything from foundations to finishing touches, and anything in between. Temporary power and plumbing for fellow survivors of the Slater Fire. We are here to help our community in any way we can.  The best solution I have found for the unforeseeable and yet likely problems found in remodels is clear communication. Informing clients about the possibilities of what could be found inside your next remodel. Explaining how past experiences and the little tell tale signs that I find lead me to my conclusions and expectations. One thing is for sure no matter what we find electrical, plumbing, dry rot, or structural, whatever   it is, we can fix it A room additi on or master suite can be an excellent way to increase the size and function of your home.  You name it, and we can make it happen at a very reasonable price. 


One of our most requested services is remodeling bathrooms. We do c ustom tile showers, floors, and counter tops. Flat stone work like granite and marble.   We use high performance techniques and products to make your bathroom last as long as possible. Check out our bathroom tile work and complete redesigns in the project gallery. 


Every great party eventually winds up in the kitchen. Just like everyone spends a lot of time in their kitchen. Let's make it exactly what you've been imagining, exactly what you want. Butcher block, custom inlays, tile, granite, a combination of two or more. From little changes to complete rearrangement of the space, we can make it exactly what you want. If you can imagine it, we can build it.


We can repair or replace just about anything that may happen in a home. A common problem here in our river communities is worn out plumbing. That means everything from copper, steel, & PVC water pipes, to cast iron drain and waste pipes, or even the need for a whole new plan for current problems. I can also diagnose and repair most minor water well system problems. Whether it's part of a bigger project or through local subcontractors whatever your plumbing problems are, we can help. 


The most dangerous problem I have found in and around our beautiful community is the "cheap electrician". I have replaced and repaired the worst and most dangerous electrical work I have ever seen resulting from "cheap electricians". Lets just do it right the first time for the safety of you and your family. I do my own electrical work for remodels because I want it done right. No matter who you choose to hire for electrical work, you should really ask yourself "Do you want it done cheap? Or do you want it done right?" Please for the safety of your family and investments no more unlicensed electricians.


One of the many joys of living on the river is the experience of all four seasons. That means the weather here can be very hard on decks. From the hot and dry sunshine throughout the summers, to frozen snow covered winters, and the warm and cold rains in between. Decks have to withstand dogs and mud covered boots. We can help you make the right decisions for bringing your old deck back for a whole new view or a whole new deck. 


We can turn an outdoor space into anything you can imagine. Flat stone walkways, patios, sitting areas, gazebos, and even a dock with a floating patio and fire pit.  Outdoor kitchens, flagstone patios, rock walls,   plantings, watering systems,  and fireplaces.  Most patios are subject to the elements, others are more covered and protected. If your outdoor space isn't quite what you want, let's  make it what  you want to see and experience. Stone, concrete, grass, or something completely different. Whatever you want your relaxation space to be, let's  make it happen. 


Trying to heat a home with single pane windows can be approximately equal to having a 4' x 4' hole in your wall! That means new doors and windows can drastically reduce your energy consumption and that's good for you , me, and the entire planet. See what a difference such a small step can make in the comfort of your home.


Interior and exterior painting and staining of homes, rooms, decks, and concrete.  Choosing a good quality paint, stain, or waterproofing solution, along with the proper installation and preparation techniques can mean many more years of service life and protection for your investment. 



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