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We specialize in custom homes and finishes. We can start by drawing the blueprints to bring your ideas into reality. Or build complete a home from your existing plans.  As the community of Happy Camp gets ready to rebuild, we are here to help. Whether it's traditional framing, concrete, log homes, or timber frame, building a new home is a huge undertaking not to be taken lightly. As your general contractor, I'm there as the owners advocate to make sure everything goes together correctly. You need someone to make sure all the subcontractors can be successful at their jobs. There is a lot of work that takes place in between the subcontractors. Successful construction is a three part solution: 1) knowing every aspect of building construction and how homes and buildings go together, 2) managing issues for subs and making sure the job site is ready for them to be successful at their jobs and 3) communication. Keeping clients, subs, and inspectors informed of progress,  finding solutions to challenges, and making them happen. 


We will occasionally do well planned and tastefully designed commercial projects. As  a general contractor we offer project management for commercial applications to help keep the project moving forward on time and on budget. In the realm of larger scale commercial work "sub" contractors are the only way to go. I have completed several larger jobs including a couple hospitals, a few tenant improvements, and several restaurants. We will certainly do custom alterations to enhance the visitors experience at commercial businesses.  


Concrete slabs and stem wall foundations for homes, out buildings, garages, and patios. We can also do staining and custom images on concrete. 


Sheet rock install and repair, along with some finishing textures, and other wall coverings. Fire resistant barriers for fire place walls and floors.  Stone walls with inset permanent plants with custom built watering and drainage systems. Whatever it is, if you want it, we can make it happen.


Tile bathrooms, tub surrounds, kitchen counter tops, backsplashes and floors have been one of my most requested services.  Hydronic heating (hot water) in concrete flooring is one of the best ways to heat your home. It allows your fireplace to be outside, so no mess of an indoor fireplace. The hot water warms the thermal mass of concrete to a very comfortable temperature. You can even leave for a few days and the floors and home are still warm when you return. Tile can cover the concrete for a different finish.  Whatever your flooring interests carpet, vinyl, tile, concrete, even hardwood flooring, we can plan and install the right finish for you.


New siding is another common request here in Klamath River communities. We can make suggestions for fire resistance, longevity, or planning for a budget. Fascia does a great job protecting the ends of roof framing from the elements. Gutters are one of the best ways to protect the bottom few feet of your homes siding from rain and the drips coming from the roof and is a great way to redirect water or collect it for later.


I draw full sets of custom home plans to turn your ideas into a new home. I am a fully certified AutoCAD draftsman and I can draft up most plans and details we would need here on the river.  Every single set of home plans still needs to be stamped by a licensed engineer. 

Trying to find a contractor for your  new home?

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