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Custom Home  Construction  and  Remodels   



     One of my first experiences of significant employment was  working for Canyon Construction, where I grew up in Napa Valley. We built hospital additions, remodeled restaurants, we crafted some amazing custom homes too. That's where I found my place in the custom home business. I transitioned from an apprentice to a journeyman with Chris at Canyon Construction.    

     After that I worked for John Mangiantini at Mangiantini Construction in Sonoma county for a couple years. I did everything from new homes and finishes to a huge high end hotel for him on the Sonoma Square. Even as a Journeyman the mentorship that his brilliant building techniques, knowledge, and tutelage provided to me made me a much better builder. He's an  old school builder using cutting edge techniques, that taught me a lot.  Although I did not work on any of the projects on his website, it shows perfectly the level of professionalism that is my entire background. 

     I worked for the Marsey Brothers for several years as a journeyman and project manager building some of the most impressive custom homes in Napa, Sonoma, and Marin counties. I worked on several (most) of the projects listed on their website. In fact I learned more working for them than all my previous experiences put together. They made all my book knowledge real. They took the time to explain everything from the how and why, to the why not, and what if. My work ethic developed there with the unofficial rule of "Five minutes early is five minutes late". Meaning be ten minutes early to roll out your tools and start working on time. Which is hard to do here on the river with downed trees, mudslides, snow, and roadwork, but the ethic is still there.

      In 2013 my wife and I moved our family to Siskiyou county near Happy Camp. I have been building and remodeling homes here in the heart of the Klamath ever since.


A cold day ice skating with the happy camper kids in Dec 2019


I live here. Every one of my clients becomes a friend, and I see them every day. I don't drive two hours to get here increasing my costs by 50-60%. What makes me different is that I know my best form of advertising is what my clients say about me after every job.  It is my intent to put a review on this site from every single client I have had and will have here in Siskiyou county. I would gladly add comments from every client of my entire career, but that would be quite an undertaking. 


Our vision is to see all the good people of the river communities living in safe, comfortable, well built homes that have been customized to their own specific interests. I want to see our efforts help this community continue to grow and thrive and that our fellow community members can have that remodel or new home become a reality for a fair price.


The mission for Mayfield Construction is to be the company of choice for residential construction projects for the Happy Camp, Seiad Valley, and the surrounding Klamath River communities. Our commitment is to ensure that each and every one of our clients receive the highest quality of construction services. We strive to offer a new level of communication, technology, and my 100% dedication to honesty & dependability before, during, and after each project. 

I will never make projects bigger than they need to be.




Design, plan, organize, communicate your vision for clear understanding, and then we make it happen.


Honesty, Integrity, Reputation, Respect, and Mutually Beneficial Agreements.


Quality construction service 

with  a licensed contractor. Clear communication. A promise to never make projects bigger than what they need to be.

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